Welcome to Anvir Tech Solutions, your trusted partner for PLC program and HMI development solutions. With our expertise in industrial automation and control, we help businesses across various industries optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve superior control over their processes. Our team of experienced engineers combines technical proficiency, industry knowledge, and innovative thinking to deliver customized PLC programs and HMI solutions that drive success.


Our Expertise

PLC Program Development

We specialize in developing PLC programs tailored to your specific automation requirements. Our engineers are well-versed in various PLC platforms and programming languages, including ladder logic, structured text, function block diagrams, and more. From simple control tasks to complex automation sequences, we design and implement robust PLC programs that ensure precise control and seamless operation of your industrial processes.

Our team excels in creating intuitive and user-friendly HMIs that empower operators to monitor, control, and interact with your automation systems effectively. We design HMIs with a focus on clarity, functionality, and ease of use, ensuring that operators can access critical information, make informed decisions, and respond quickly to changing conditions. Our HMI solutions provide real-time data visualization, alarms and event notifications, and comprehensive control options.

We have extensive experience in integrating PLCs and HMIs with various industrial systems, devices, and communication protocols. Our expertise spans integrating with sensors, actuators, drives, motors, SCADA systems, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), and other automation components. We ensure seamless connectivity, data exchange, and interoperability between different systems, creating a unified and efficient automation ecosystem.

We understand that every industry and application have unique requirements. Our PLC programs and HMI solutions are highly customizable, allowing us to tailor them to your specific needs. We design flexible and scalable solutions that accommodate future expansions, modifications, and evolving business needs. Whether you require a small-scale automation system or a large-scale control network, we deliver solutions that grow with your organization.

If you have existing automation systems and equipment, we can assist you with retrofitting and upgrading your PLC programs and HMIs. Our team will evaluate your current setup, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to enhance performance, increase efficiency, and integrate new technologies. We strive to maximize the value of your investments and extend the lifespan of your automation infrastructure.